Coating Materials: Industrial Painting Contractors


Below are some of the paint coatings we use most often:

Protective coatings for steel structures, grain elevators, silos and storage tank painting.
Coronado Surface Tolerant Mastic epoxy
Sherwin Williams   Macropoxy 646  and  Hi-Solids Polyurethane
Tnemec Series     27    530    and   1075

Floors and Secondary Containment for paint contractors.
Coronado Polyamide Epoxy       Gloss   and   Hi-Build

Cold Weather Moisture Cured Urethanes
Sherwin Williams     MIO-Aluminum    and    Aliphatic Finish Coat

MSDS and Data Sheets


Polyamide Epoxy Gloss

Polyamide Epoxy Hi-Build

Mastic Epoxy

Sherwin Williams

Macropoxy 646

Hi-Solids Polyurethane

MIO Aluminum

Aliphatic Finish Coat


Series 27

Series 530

Series 1075

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